Hi Carlo,

I have just completed reading your story.

First, let me say,  I have no improvements to offer. The story is intriguing, fully of emotion and anticipation. The pacing is brisk but not breakneck, the flow is smooth yet full of surprises. Your style is crisp, human and captivating.

In short, the story is quite wonderful and … if anything … I realized I had come to understand the temporal universality of the human heart.

Since it was such a pleasant read, thanks for sharing your work with me.

Best wishes for your writing endeavors and publications.

Melanie Anne Phillips – Storymind

                                                                  Submitted January 20, 2015

Thanks, thanks, thanks, Melanie! Back in 2015, your wonderful words gave me the courage, and resilience, to expand Regina’s short story into the four-hundred-page novel THE PLAGUE OF GOD.

I really enjoyed the book and I think there’s a lot of potential …

Sarah Hopkins – copy editor

                                                             Submitted November 25, 2015

Your precious first revision showed me the end of the tunnel …

You write extremely well … your characters and settings are vivid, your plot off to a roaring start; you have a real feel for drama.

What a true pleasure it’s been to interact with such a good, exciting, engrossing piece of writing. Once I began reading, I was off and running, a good sign for future readers.

Steven Bauer – Hollow Tree Literary Services

                                                                          Submitted April 3, 2017

And what a delight it’s been to work with the friendly, clever professional you are, Steven! I cannot thank you enough for your cooperation.


After reading your excerpt, we especially like your description of the city of Trier and life at that time. A time, when Wolsfeld was also already existing and many legends about St. Hubertus spread in the neighborhood.

You kept me and my wife curious about the story, and we are waiting for your book to be published.

Dr. Gabriele Herold & Dr. Karl-Heinz Fellmann

                                                                              Submitted October 26, 2017

So glad to hear I got you both curious! There’s more about Trier, Wolsfeld, Luxembourg, France, Brussels a.o., and, of course, many medieval and present time descriptions.